Hey, TPS, don't step on my son's blue shoes

TOLEDO (WTOL) - To protect her child enrolled at Deveaux Middle School, his mother would rather remain anonymous.

Still, she wants to speak out because she fears her son is being punished for a dress code infraction that she can't do anything about.

Her son is supposed to follow the dress code, which means he must wear either white, black or grey athletic shoes.

But, his mother says she can't afford to buy them for him.

Her son does have shoes she bought at the beginning of the summer, which, she admits, do not follow the code. In fact, they're blue. But, she just doesn't feel her son suffer negative consequences for her inability to pay for new shoes.

"Since school started, he has been out of class every single day," because of the dress code violation, the mother said.

Mika contacted the spokesperson for TPS, who claims the woman's child was never threatened with suspension. In fact, she says an administrator even wrote letters to teachers informing them of the situation.

In any case, the child will be permitted to participate in school on Tuesday. And they're working on getting the mother a voucher so she can get her son some shoes.