Weigh In To Win: Denise's loss is gradual but steady

Report by Colleen Wells - email
Posted by LS

One of our contestants loves all the inches she's losing, but she's frustrated by the fact the scale isn't dropping as much as she wants it to.

Denise has lost 28.4 pounds so far-- enough to make her clothes baggy. "They used to be so tight, I'd have to lay on the bed to zip and button my pants, but now they're falling off," she tells us.

Seven months into the program, she feels like she hasn't lost a whole lot of weight. Her trainer Becky says what matters is that Denise has lost a total of 19 inches.

"She did not have a significant amount of fat on her body to notice a huge drop in scale. So for her, she's going to see a slower drop than a person who needs to lose a significant amount of body fat," Becky explains.

Denise is like many women. She often faces stresses either at home or on the job. All that stress goes to one part of the body. "As women, in stressful jobs, we carry our weight in our midsection," Becky says.

So, what should Denise do? Becky's advice is to keep up with the daily exercise and make sure to eat. "She's working hard with her job, so she's burning a lot of calories and she needs to at least put back into her body what she's burning, food calorie wise."

She'll continue to watch the pounds and the inches fall off gradually. "Now I don't have any suits," Denise says, "My suits look like bags. They're just drapy, they're awful."

But Becky has advice for that too. "So you can go shopping," she says.