WTOL Editorial: Carty trying to muscle in on Port Authority

WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon
WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon

The Port Authority situation concerns me. Lame Duck Mayor Carleton S. Finkbeiner is stacking the board with longtime cronies.

It looks to me like he is trying to re-create the good old boy network from his self-proclaimed glory days.

Carty's time as mayor is running out. Even he must see that. So it's not too much of a reach to believe he is trying to pave the way so he can become the next Port Authority Director.

That would be a disaster! The Port Authority is one of the keys to a better economic future for our region. It clearly requires a director who is respected, trusted and skilled at collaborating with economic partners while seeing the big picture.

Does anyone think that is a description of the mayor?

The Lucas County Commissioners can trump Carty's power grab with three appointments of their own. Based on the names I have heard, I think that's going to happen.

Let's hope so. The future of this region should not be held hostage to Carty's ego for one minute beyond his current term as mayor.