EcoTrack 11: An old Toledo landfill with a bright future

Reported by Rob Wiercinski -
Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Solar panels are already found along Dorr Street and maybe someday thousands of solar panels could be set up along Dura Avenue. The idea is to take an old landfill and transform it into a municipal solar field. On Sunday, potential mayoral candidate, Keith Wilkowski, rolled out his plan.

"It's time for the City of Toledo to get off the sidelines and stop cheerleading and start getting into the game."

Wilkowski's proposal calls for the City of Toledo to commit 5 million dollars over the next 5 years in the capital improvements budget. It's a plan that will be forwarded to the Mayor's office by Councilman Joe McNamara.

"I think this is a bold initiative that's going to produce Toledo's carbon footprint. It's going to help create jobs, it's going to generate electricity and it's going to solidify Toledo as a leader in the alternative energy industry," says McNamara.

If this plan moves forward, panels would be made locally by First Solar. It would create a 5 acre solar field, that would generate over a million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, at a cost of around 12 cents per kilowatt hour.

"If we're able to lock in even a small amount of electrical energy at today's cost, over the next 40 years that's clearly going to be a significant cost savings," says Wilkowski.

The first step for Wilkowski and McNamara will be getting support at city hall.