Police board justifies 'suicide by cop' shooting

40-year-old Allen Cole
40-year-old Allen Cole
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TOLEDO (WTOL) - On Thursday, September 18, the Toledo Police Department conducted a hearing of the police shooting of Allen Cole, which occurred July 23.

The Firearms Review Board justified the discharge of firearms by Sgt. Keith Miller, Officer Ed Gust and Officer Susan Surgo by a unanimous vote of 5-0. The board then presented the decision to Chief Navarre who concurred with the decision.

The shooting happened at N. Detroit and Crawford.

From the News 11 report on July 23:

Navarre tells News 11 police were called by Cole's wife. When they arrived on scene, the man had a gun pointed at himself. When police approached, the man pulled a second gun and pointed it at police. Two police officers and a sergeant shot the man.

Witnesses say it was a clear act of suicide by police fire. Officers are not yet saying that. They need to finish interviewing witnesses and review patrol car dashcam video that caught the whole thing.