UPDATED--Loan approved to revitalize Maumee plant

Reported by Rob Wiercinski email | bio

Posted by Kate Oatis email

MAUMEE (WTOL) - Lucas County Commissioners have approved a loan for the former Maumee Ford Stamping Plant, located in Maumee on Illinois Ave.

Only one of the three commissioners voted not to approve the loan. Commissioner Tina Skeldon Wozniak voted against it, she said, because she'd wanted the amount to be less.

The approved loan is in the amount of $1.5 million and is to be awarded to Maumee Authority Stamping Inc. The money will be released if the property deal is finalized as scheduled by Oct. 15.

Lucas County Commissioners say tough times call for operating "outside the box."

"(It) is not generally the business of the Board of County Commissioners to loan and invest in these kind of operations," said Commissioner Pete Gerken.

The company president, Keith Obey, met with potential employees after the vote.

"Going forward from here. we continue to work with our two primary investors, and we continue to quote new product," Obey said.

The relationship between Lott Industries and the Maumee Stamping Plant will be renewed if the project moves forward.

The head of Lott Industries, Joan Uhl Browne, says their initial involvement will be small but will spark big hope for more work down the line.

"We're talking about starting out with crews taking care of groundskeeping, the janitorial, any type of work they need to get the plant up and running," Browne said.

The City of Toledo stands to make $105,000 in interest from the loan, which Commissioner Ben Konop wants the county to use for a new fellowship program for local high-tech and alternative energy firms. A vote is likely next week on that proposal.