Frisch family gets house keys -- and scholarships

Jackie and Aaron Frisch
Jackie and Aaron Frisch
Report by Jennifer Boresz - email | bio
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"I'm gonna cook, and I'm gonna do laundry and I'm so excited," Jackie Frisch says.

It's not something most families want to do when they move into a new home, but this is no ordinary family.

The Frisch family's lives are being transformed. They've got a brand new $500,000 home and dozens of generous gifts and donations from the community. "I don't know if there is a word to describe it... overwhelmed, amazing, incredible, grateful beyond belief," she says.

One of the greatest gifts is full scholarships for Jackie and Aaron's sons from the University of Toledo worth about $250,000 dollars.

"We hope to take the worry away from these lovely parents about tuition and hopefully to see all 11 young men go through UT, graduate and go on to very successful lives," says Larry Burns, vice president of external affairs at UT.

"It's more than dreams coming true. It's just amazing," they say, "We never imagined that."

Just a short time ago, they were living in a home that was dangerous and falling apart. Not to mention way too small for the large family. Now, things have certainly changed.

"The way we get to live our lives has changed. The fact that we have a safe place. A place that we can all call home, that we can fit in. That we can bless our community with. I can't wait to have the youth group, and I can't wait to cook you all a pie," Jackie says.

The cooking can begin now that they've got the keys to unlock the door to a brand new start.

The inside of the home will not be shown until the show airs in November.