Gas prices cause panic at the pump

Debbie Krall
Debbie Krall
David Echols
David Echols
Reported by Jonathan Walsh

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The hurricane is causing a panic at the pump in the southern states, but we're seeing some of the impact already in our area.

We have seen stations at $3.79 a gallon, and people here are worried about possible price hikes.

Places all over the Gulf Coast are jacking up prices so we asked people how they would react if those prices hit their wallets.

People in Tallahassee, Florida have already seen $5.49 a gallon as refineries along the gulf coast have shutdown with Ike baring down.

David Echols says he thinks it can get up to six, seven or eight dollars. "They could literally shoot up as high as they want. It's the fact that everybody owns a car," he says.

Long lines have been common in Charlotte, and even in Kentucky -just a state away from us- the governor declared a state of emergency invoking its anti-price-gouging law.

"It's scary to think it could travel up this far. Obviously how gas prices have fluctuated already it's so unpredictable," says Toledo area driver Debbie Krall

Other people we met at the pump recommended getting out and filling up while you can and just trying to be smarter about traveling all together.