Feds promote greener ways to navigate planes

Posted by Nick Dutton -

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Federal officials say new technologies for navigating planes and controlling air traffic can save fuel, cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce delays.

Federal Aviation Administration officials yesterday used the arrival of an Airways New Zealand flight in San Francisco to showcase the techniques

They involve controlling airplanes monitored by satellite-based GPS navigation rather than ground-based radar. Officials say GPS navigation will allow planes to take more direct routes, saving time and fuel.

The Airways New Zealand pilot says the flight saved 1,200 gallons of jet fuel and avoided 12 tons of carbon from being emitted into the air. Plus, passengers arrived five minutes ahead of schedule.

Officials say a nationwide conversion to GPS-based navigation is expected to be complete in 2025 and cost about 16 billion to $22 billion.

Source: The Associated Press