Sobriety checkpoints aim to curb drunk driving

Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Big brother was keeping a close on the roads, watching out for drunk drivers all over Lucas County, Friday night.

Four sobriety checkpoints were set up around the city. In Toledo, police set up checkpoints on Lewis at Laskey, Berdan near I-75 and Dorr Street between Douglas and Richards. And in Oregon, police are checked drivers in the 2800 block of Navarre.

From a media release about one of the sobriety checkpoints:

The University of Toledo Police and Ottawa Hills Police Departments through The Lucas County OVI Task Force held a sobriety checkpoint on Dorr St. at the entrance to The University of Toledo on Friday September 12, 2008. The checkpoint concluded on Saturday September 13, 2008 at approximately 0215 hrs. 13 Officer from these agencies participated.  Below are the results.

a.     Number of vehicles through the checkpoint zone   234

b.     Number of vehicles checked     234

c. Average time per vehicle   :50 Seconds

d. Number of vehicles diverted   26

e. Number of DUI arrests   04

f. Number of Under 21 DUI arrests   01

g. Number of DUS arrests   04

h. Number of No Operators License citations   00

i. Number of other citations issued   08

j. Number of vehicles seized   07

k Number of other non-traffic arrests        06

l. Number of misdemeanor arrests (Warrants)   01

m. Number of Restraint Warnings   10

o. Number of Restraint Citations   03

p. Average BAC         0.134