Washington Local Schools earn ‘excellent' ratings

For the first time, the Washington Local School District has received an "Excellent" on its statewide report card issued by the Ohio Department of Education.

The ratings used by the state are Excellent with Distinction, Excellent, Effective, Continuous Improvement, Academic Watch and Academic Emergency.

Ohio's report card system shows the achievement of districts and schools during the 2007-08 school year in four ways: 30 performance indicators, performance index, adequate yearly progress and value- added measure.

Washington Local met 21 of the 30 performance indicators, falling short in the following achievement test scores:

  • fifth-grade reading (74.9 percent), math (66.2), science (67.7) and social studies (68.2); seventh-grade math (73.2); eighth-grade math (74.7), science (60.5) and social studies (42.5).

The state minimum requirement for all the achievement tests is 75 percent.

Also, Washington Local had an 87.7 percent graduation rate, which did not meet the state requirement of 90 percent.

With an average daily enrollment of 6,568 students, the district had a 94.3 percent attendance rate last year.

Value-Added Measure

While test scores demonstrate a student's level of achievement at one point in time, the value-added measure reflects how much each district and school has contributed to the progress of students' performance over time.

The 2007-08 school year is the first year that the value-added measure has been included as part of Ohio's report card system.

Value-added results recognize that districts and schools may be making significant improvement-even though they may not have met the proficiency standard. The results can help teachers pinpoint problems and determine successes.

Value-added results are calculated for fourth- through eighth-grades in reading and mathematics, and a composite result also is available for most school buildings and each district. The results show whether a district or school meets, exceeds, or is below its expected growth standard.

Districts and schools have the chance to improve their overall rating by achieving above expected growth for two consecutive years.

This year, 160 districts including Washington Local increased their rating because of the value-added measure.

Beginning next year, districts and schools that show less than expected growth for three consecutive years will experience a reduction in their rating.

Building Scores

In addition, each building in a school district is given a rating by the Ohio Department of Education.

The 12 Washington Local buildings earned the following ratings:

  • Excellent-McGregor, Meadowvale, Monac, Trilby and Wernert elementaries.
  • Effective-Whitmer High School, Washington and Jefferson junior highs, and Greenwood, Hiawatha, Jackman and Shoreland elementaries.