Perrysburg Township trustees schedule public hearing to review JEDD agreement with City of Toledo

By Jane Maiolo

At the September 2 meeting, the Perrysburg Township Board of Trustees set a public hearing to discuss a proposed Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) contract between the township and City of Toledo.

Residents may provide their input on the agreement during the trustees regular meeting on Monday, October 6. The hearing will be held at 8 p.m. at the township meeting hall.

Terms of the 30-year contract call for the township to enter into a JEDD with Toledo to facilitate economic development on 127 acres in Ampoint Industrial Park, which encompasses the site of the new FedEx ground shipment facility.

A payroll tax of 2.25 percent will be levied by Toledo which will receive the first $223,500 that is collected after the JEDD meets its obligations.

Revenues collected beyond that amount will be divided evenly between the city and Perrysburg Township.

The contract also stipulates that a board of directors be established for the Toledo/Perrysburg Township JEDD.

The board will be composed of one representative each from Toledo and Perrysburg Township. In addition one member will be chosen to represent the owners of businesses in the district and another member will be selected to represent workers in the district. The four members will select a fifth member.

Township Administrator John Hrosko said the township has been working on the agreement with Toledo and FedEx officials for more than a year.

Attorney John Donahue added that the contract is available for public viewing at the township offices prior to the hearing.

Fire Dept. Personnel

After approving the full-time employment of Matthew Appelhans to the fire department, the trustees discussed whether to hire an additional person.

Deputy Fire Chief Tom Brice explained that the department strives to maintain five people per shift.

"Matt filled a vacancy of a four-person shift," he said, adding that Mr. Appelhans'  employment will alleviate overtime for co-workers.

In addition to having five people per shift, the department has three full-time employees-fire chief, deputy chief and fire inspector and 18 volunteers.

The deputy chief said the department also utilizes part-time employees. He noted that the number of part-time employees has declined recently, leaving the department shorthanded.

Part-time workers fill in for sick/vacationing employees or those injured on the job, he said.

With fewer part-time people available, the department has had to rely on its full-time staff to fill openings, creating more overtime, he added.

Deputy Chief Brice suggested hiring a floater to work a regular shift and fill vacancies as needed.

Trustee Gary Britten hesitated, pointing out that with annexation west of I-75, the township may not need another full-time employee.

"I'd prefer to hire more part timers," he said.

Mr. Britten said he was loathe to hire a new full-time person if the township could not guarantee the permanency of the position.

"I share your concerns," said the deputy chief. "I don't want to put anyone on that we can't justify maintaining."

Trustee Craig LaHote said he would like to see some cost justification figures before making a decision.

He asked the deputy chief to provide details on run volume throughout the township as well as west of I-75, potential over time savings and historical information.

The deputy chief agreed to get the information for the trustees' consideration.

Other Business

In other business, the trustees:

  • Agreed to send Deputy Chief Brice to the Ohio Fire Chief Conference in Newark, Ohio, September 9-11. Cost for the conference is $399.
  • Reappointed Trustee Bob Mack and Mr. Hrosko to the Transportation Improvement District board.
  • Passed a resolution that places a limit of $10,000 on blanket purchase orders at the request of the state auditor. The trustees also agreed to let the fiscal officer approve purchase orders up to $1,000.
  • Learned from Deputy Chief Brice that assembly of the new township fire truck is now under way at American LaFrance. "They have sent us pictures of the work in progress," he said.
  • Agreed to hire Romanoff Electric to perform electrical work for the emergency siren feed at a cost of $1,800.

The next meeting of the board of trustees will be at 7:30 p.m., Monday, September 15, at the township meeting hall, 26609 Lime City Road. The meeting is open to the public.