Prosecutor says mom didn't intend baby to die in car

CINCINNATI (AP) - An Ohio prosecutor says he decided not to press charges against a woman whose 11-month-old daughter died in a sweltering minivan because there was no evidence that the death resulted from a deliberate act.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said Thursday that simply forgetting about a child in the car is not enough to warrant charges.

Police investigators say 34-year-old Jodie Edwards left her daughter, Jenna, in her minivan for eight hours on Aug. 20 as she worked as a teacher at Cincinnati Christian University. Temperatures reached 92 degrees that day. Authorities say Edwards spotted her dead child as she was backing out of her parking spot.

Deters says he believes Edwards truly thought the child was with a baby sitter.

-- Information from: The Cincinnati Enquirer

Source: Associated Press