Homes evacuated in Sylvania for chemical mixture

Posted by LS

SYLVANIA (WTOL) - A total of 12 Sylvania homes were evacuated Wednesday evening due to hazardous chemicals.

The residents of these homes on Vicksburg were supposed to to leave their residents this evening, investigators believing the homeowners at 4341 had materials posing a threat to their neighbors.

Hot ash, fertilizer, chlorine, and lime are the chemicals investigators found in the home, common to many households and according to a city spokesman hazardous when mixed.

Though there isn't any reason to believe there's criminal activity at the residence at this point, the investigation continues tonight.

The neighborhood is Lincoln Woods on Vicksburg, which is located off of Central Ave.

There were fire trucks on scene as well as two HazMat trucks from the city of Toledo. We are told it was a joint operation by the Sylvania police, Sylvania Township police and the FBI.