Weigh In To Win: Eating out wisely

Report by Melissa Voetsch - email | bio
Posted by LS

Hands down, one of the toughest challenges to losing weight is eating out.

Before you put your order in, you'll want to sit down with our Weigh In To Win team members for a lesson in Healthy Lunch 101.

They're having a lunch date at the Navy Bistro with Ellie McManus from Weight Watchers The team members put one of their most important life changes to the test.

Rodney explains, "To look at a menu and see what's good for you and what's not good for you."

Ellie says by stripping down dishes, you can build up your will power. "A lot of restaurants now are starting to serve things on the side," she says. That includes anything that adds calories such as salad dressings and side dishes.

Heather orders her starch -- wild rice and orzo -- on the side.

The biggest drawback to eating out is piling it on, says McManus. We're used to getting our money's worth... meaning huge portions.

"Ask for half of the entree or ask them to pack up the other half. Then you can take it for your lunch," McManus suggests.

What about alcohol?

If you'd like a glass of red wine, ask if they can bring it out when they bring the meal out.

Our team-members say... no problem. Rodney tells us, "After 54 pounds, something's working... come on." He  says he still has 50 pounds to go.

Denise says she's still going strong on the program having lost almost 30 pounds. Though, she's still waiting for more results. "While my body is getting trimmer... I know I've lost inches... I just want to see the numbers on the scale go down, and they're not moving"

Down over 40 pounds and shooting for 60, Heather hasn't reached her goal of wearing a bikini just yet.

She'll be celebrating her 15th wedding anniversary by achieving another goal of being strong enough to go whitewater rafting.