Guest Editorial: Key to creating jobs in NW Ohio

Guest Editorial by State Senator Mark Wagoner

The number one issue facing northwest Ohio is creating more good-paying jobs. Creating thriving intermodal facilities is one of the most promising prospects to create these jobs.

Representative Randy Gardner and I are committed to making northwest Ohio into a world class intermodal location.

Some real progress has already been made with the CSX Gateway Project in North Baltimore and the new working agreement with the proposed Melford Sea Terminal. But there is more work to do.

Just recently, the Ohio General Assembly enacted a $1.57 billion jobs bill that will help to make NW Ohio even more attractive for intermodal development.

Now is the time to act. We need to go to Columbus to aggressively ensure that these dollars return to NW Ohio.

What could these dollars do?

Think of expanding the Toledo seaport, enhancing Toledo Express Airport air cargo capabilities, and developing Wood County's I-75 and I-80 corridors.

To be successful, we need concrete proposals on how to use these available dollars. We need to put any regional or political bickering aside, work together, and compete against Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland as a unified team.

The potential is here. Now some money is available to help. Let's go after it as hard as we can to help make NW Ohio into a 21st century, world-class intermodal destination.