Toledo Zoo welcomes new baby monkey

From a news release:

TOLEDO -- The Toledo Zoo's Primate Forest exhibit once again hears the pitter-patter of little feet as the Zoo welcomes a male Francois' langur, born to mother Ashes and father Dong Puong.

The baby monkey, Ashes and Dong Puong's third son, was born earlier this month and is now on exhibit. Adult Francois' langurs have a long, black, silky coat with a white band of cheek fur and can be distinguished from the other species in Primate Forest by the pointed crests of hair on their heads. Francois' langur babies, in stark contrast, are orange in color.

It is believed that the orange coloration protects the babies by helping them blend in with the foliage in the tree canopies of their natural habitat in Vietnam, southeast China and central Laos. Unfortunately, the remaining wild Francois' langur populations are endangered due to habitat loss from deforestation, human encroachment and hunting.

The Toledo Zoo is one of only a dozen institutions in the United States to exhibit and breed Francois' langurs, and these monkeys have been on exhibit at The Toledo Zoo since 1996. Dong Puong is owned by The Toledo Zoo, and Ashes is on a breeding loan from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Both parents arrived at the Zoo in May of 2000 on recommendation from the Francois' langur Species Survival Plan (SSP).