Hammer-wielding suspect attacks train rider

Posted by Nick Dutton -

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Philadelphia Police are searching for a person of interest who viciously attacked a sleeping rider with a hammer on SEPTA's Broad Street Line.

Authorities said 20-year-old Dewayne Taylor, a lab technician at the University of Pennsylvania, was attacked near Broad and Fairmount Streets in the early morning hours of September 4.

Investigators said the suspect had a young boy with him at the time of the apparently unprovoked assault.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect sitting the young boy down before striking Taylor repeatedly with a hammer over a five minute period.

When the train stopped, the suspect continued to assault the victim on the platform before fleeing the scene with the young boy.

"Why me? I don't know you from a can of paint. Why me?" Taylor said.

Police said other passengers on board the train did not assist the victim, but someone called 911.

"I think somebody should have helped this guy," Detective Kenneth Roach said.

Taylor re-boarded the train following the incident and went to Temple University Hospital. Family members said he suffered numerous injuries to his head.

"My son has eight staples in his head, he has six stitches in the back of his neck, he has a broken finger," Tracie Taylor said. "His intentions was to kill someone but it just happened to be my son."

Police believe Taylor did not know his attacker and nothing was taken during the assault by the attacker. However, police said another passenger stole Taylor's cell phone during the attack and resold it for $150.

The incident remains under investigation.

Source: CBS, KYW-TV