UPDATE: Ohio man with urine fetish pleads no contest

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From our CBS Columbus affiliate WBNS

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WBNS) - A man accused of shutting off water to a public restroom as part of a plan to collect boys' urine pleaded no contest Monday to a charge of criminal mischief.

According to police, Alan Patton was discovered trying to obtain urine inside a men's restroom at Sports Ohio, located on Cosgray Road, on June 14, 10TV News reported.

Authorities said Patton had shut off water to urinals and placed cups inside them. At the time of his arrest, Patton told officers that "he wasn't hurting anyone and that he suffers from an illness," according to a police report.

After an earlier arrest in 2006, Patton told Gahanna police that he suffered from urophilia, a sexual fetish involving urine.

After Patton pleaded no contest on Monday, a judge sentenced him to 60 days in jail. However, a defense attorney said the sentence would be appealed before Patton was required to report to jail, 10TV's Maureen Kocot reported.

According to the attorney, Patton was denied his right to a speedy trial after the judge in the case ordered a mental competency evaluation. The defense claimed that the judge abused discretion and unnecessarily delayed Patton's trial.

In the meantime, Patton was ordered to remain on strict house arrest, and stay away from any place where children might gather, Kocot reported.

The attorney said the sentence would be appealed within the next two weeks.

After the appeal is filed, Patton would be allowed to post bond and be released from custody, Kocot reported.

Upon his release, Patton would not be required to be on house arrest, or be tracked by a Global Positioning System device. The judge said a GPS device would cost the city about $400 a month and the appeal process could take more than a year.