Toledo man calls police 3 times, says police never showed

Reported by Colleen Wells -

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTOL) - When one Toledo man called 911, he expected police to show up. He says he called for help three times, but says the police never came.

The first 911 call Larry Griffin made at 3:39 in the morning, Friday, August 22, seconds after being hit by another car. He tells a dispatcher he was rear ended on I-475 between Talmadge and Central.

"Before I got out of my car, I called 911 to report I was in an accident, and explained where I was to the best of my knowledge at the time, and then I waited for the police department."

And he waited, and waited on I-475. Almost an hour later, he called again.

Grrifin told the dispatcher he, "called a bit ago about being in an accident on 475. And the guy who hit me decided to leave."

"Every vehicle that drove by after my initial phone call, I thought that must be them, that must be the police, that must be the police," says accident victim Larry Griffin.

But Griffin never saw the police. He called one last time at 5:20. He tells the dispatcher he was leaving, with neck and shoulder pain, to drive himself to the hospital.

"Yeah, the call was in, And I see we have a crew sent out there. It shouldn't be too much longer," says a dispatcher.

WTOL pulled the police logs and found Griffin's first call at 3:39 a.m.. The log shows an officer did respond just minutes later, at 3:43, but marked it as a Code H. That means there was no one on the scene.

An officer WTOL spoke with says this may be a communication issue. If the officer couldn't find Griffin, he may have thought he left.

Griffin's next call for help at 4:30 a.m., was canceled because when he called again at 5:20. He told officers he was leaving.

Griffin says he wants answers. "They should have called me back I feel, and said listen, we couldn't find you, where are you exactly, or stay on the phone with me. There was none of that."

Griffin says the situation could have been much worse if he was more seriously injured. He's contacted Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre with his concerns.

Chief Navarre tells WTOL he is looking into it.