Fantasy sports have big impact on local business

Steve Wagner
Steve Wagner
Reported by Jonathan Walsh

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Between the NFL kickoff, the T Sports Report, and college games beginning, sports are on everyone's mind. But some fantasy sports fans just can't get enough. Fantasy sports have a  huge impact on business.

Fantasy football is not just in the mind, it's everywhere.

Stephanie Hoover, whose boyfriend is an avid fantasy sports participant, says, "He knows only to do it when I'm not there because it takes away from quality time..."

Sports Illustrated reports 20 million Americans play fantasy sports and businesses lose 9.2 billion dollars in worker production.

In some homes it has produced so much friction for significant others that women have set up their own website, "women against fantasy" The site comes complete with postings of horror stories, like guys sneaking off during parties to update their teams.

Most wives in Toledo say they are okay with their husbands checking on their leagues from time to time, but fantasy football player Steve Wagner says, "On game days it drives her nuts. I'm down in the basement from 12 to one checking last minute injuries, changing my line-ups, looking at match-ups."

As the fantasy sports world seems to keep growing, WTOL even admits to having a team of its own.