Giant panda cub born at Zoo Atlanta

Lun Lun holding the newborn cub from
Lun Lun holding the newborn cub from
Posted by Nick Dutton -

ATLANTA (AP) - Zoo Atlanta's giant panda family just got larger.

A cub born Saturday night is the second offspring for Lun Lun and Yang Yang.

Zoo spokeswoman Simone Griffin says the cub is the only one born at a U.S. zoo this year. It comes just a week before the second birthday of their cub Mei Lan.

Zookeepers are watching to see if Lun Lun will have twins. That happens about half the time.

Keepers won't know the sex of the cub for a few weeks. They can't examine it until Lun Lun lets them touch her baby.

Mother and cub won't appear in public for several months but can be viewed on the zoo's webcam.

Source: The Associated Press.