Local women's reaction to McCain's running mate

Susan Hill
Susan Hill
Report by Jonathan Walsh

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - McCain's announcement has plenty of women in our area talking about its significance in this race and as a part of political history.

Many were surprised by the announcement, but intrigued about what this means for what was already an historical race for the white house.

Sarah Palin joining the ticket is drawing reaction from all sides.

"I think it's a good decision on his part to bring in more people from outside the ones who are unsure and undecided," says Republican Susan Hill.

Democrat supporter Ellen Gracheck says, "McCain's decision to put a woman on the ticket doesn't alter my decision on how I will vote, but it does make be proud to be living in a time where a woman, no matter what party, is a serious contender."

Women who have no specific political affiliation have differing reactions.

"I think it's ridiculous to think that people aren't swayed by gender and race," says Asiyih Modarai.

First time voter Anna Risher says, "I'm not going to vote for anyone just because of their race or their sex. I'm looking at their politics. I'm looking at what they stand for."

And that thought seemed to permeate the interviews. The women WTOL talked to said they would make their decision based on the issues, but they could see how the Palin decision could pull in those one-issue voters.

"More women may feel they have something in common with her and probably feel that she has more women issues at heart. So, they probably will go ahead and vote for him being that he picked a woman as vice president," says voter Delors Dapha.

In the end, they all agreed that the voters will decide.