Outrageous! This home's an eyesore, he says

Reported by Mika Highsmith email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - A home along Elmwood in central Toledo is empty, so why is there trash all over the lawn?

Area resident James Simms called Mika Highsmith wanting her to check out the situation.

"No one has lived in there for four or five months," Simms said. "The garbage is blowing all over."

Simms says a contractor went in and cleared most of the mess out, leaving some. Since then, Simms said, "We've been trying to get the city out here and called Coldwell Bankers...  and no one seems to care. We shouldn't have to live like this."

Mika spoke to the realty company, and they said the agent who's listing the house was out of town. They have scheduled a crew to go out to clean up the pile and cut the grass.

Also, Coldwell has accepted an offer on that property so pretty soon, things may really improve.