Toledo Police find 4 stolen -- and burned -- vehicles

Reported by Tim Miller email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Four local car owners are wondering where their wheels have been in recent months, and Toledo Police might have the answer.

The four vehicles were found in a wooded area behind Jamie Farr Park in north Toledo -- burned, apparently after they'd been stolen.

Among the vehicles are a brown SUV and a red truck that had been burned down to the engine itself.

Detectives were at the park for much of the afternoon on Monday. They say they knew one stolen SUV was there but that they couldn't get to it earlier in the year because of snow.

When they arrived at the park, police say they were surprised to find three other vehicles out there as well.

"I believe this is a desolate, isolated location where whoever is stealing them brings them down here to strip off what parts they need and then set them ablaze, either to cover up evidence or to eliminate any fingerprint evidence that they may leave behind," said Toledo Police Detective Jay Schramm.