EcoTrack 11: Heat water with otherwise wasted heat

Report by Chris Vickers - email | bio
Posted by LS

BLISSFIELD, Mich (WTOL) - Blissfield Manufacturing may soon be a world leader in green technology. They have exclusively produced a system called a CoTherm with some amazing results.

"Using this, we eliminate the burning of fossil fuels for heating water. We don't turn it down. We don't decrease it. We're not 80% efficient. We're not 90% efficient. We 100% eliminate the burning of fossil fuels for heating water," says Jon Baucher with Blissfield Manufacturing.

But how does it work? Behind the complex engineering, it's a simple idea.

Here's the concept: Heat exhausted during the cooling process from an air conditioner is captured and reused to heat your hot water tank.

It's the recycling of waste heat. The CoTherm is targeting hotels, businesses and hospitals where huge monthly savings on energy and fossil fuel emissions will be most notable.

Jon himself has seen just how well this works. "I have been in equipment rooms and seen boilers turned off and taken showers at those resorts or hotels and had all the hot water I wanted. I knew that there was no fossil fuel being burned to create that water. It's an awesome feeling."

This awesome feeling has Jon and the others at Blissfield Manufacturing thinking big. "The goal is to put one of these in every hotel, every business, every hospital, every university that has a central heating system," Baucher tells us.

The payoff will be green on both sides, saving money and saving the environment. As this green technology develops, you too may someday heat your water with the same technology.