Brou-ha-ha's all about branches -- and she's mad

Reported by Mika Highsmith - email
Posted by Kate Oatis - email

EAST TOLEDO (WTOL) - "The tree was right the in front of the yellow house," Heather Zielinski complained on Monday.

She's referring to the branch that used to be connected to the tree outside her apartment building. She said lightning struck it and that half of it fell on the fence while the other half was just dangling.

The branch is no longer hanging, but it's far from gone. The rest of it's in Zielinski's yard.

She claims it's a health hazard.

"It's unsanitary, it's harmful and it's not safe," Zielinski said.

Problem is, Zielinski says her landlord has yet to respond to her complaint.

Mika did try to reach the landlord but wasn't able to get hold of him. She did contact the city, however, and they assured her they will take care of the problem.