WTOL Editorial: Save United Way Building? Are you kidding?

The United Way Building has been such a hot topic lately. I don't know about you, but I think it looks weird. Kind of like a hangover from some 1960s idea about architecture that, thankfully, never caught on.

Inside, it's not much better. The lobby is dark and dated. The offices are too small, and the meeting rooms are hopeless. The roof is a mess; it leaks in several places which makes everything smell damp, and soiled.

The demands of a modern workplace cannot possibly be served by the electrical infrastructure that is currently in place. The heating and air conditioning systems are inadequate.

All together, it would cost around $10 million to renovate this place -- and you would still have that funky exterior.

I see it this way: The exterior is weird and ugly. Strike 1.

The interior is just a mess. Strike 2.

It would cost $10 million to renovate and $6 million to tear down and build an attractive, functional, efficient workplace. Strike 3.

Save this place? Some ideas are so goofy that you just have to laugh.