Man tries to abduct woman in Perrysburg

Reported by Tanieya Lewis -

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Police say a man tried to kidnap a woman on Williams Road, east of state Route 25, Friday night. It happened in an area that feels familiar and safe to many people. There's a Speedway Gas Station, a waffle house and Levis Commons.

The woman alleges she was nearly kidnapped by a man driving a white 4 door car, possibly a Grand Am, before sundown Friday night.

Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasyslyshyn says the woman fought off her attacker and got away. He says it may have saved her life.

"You have nothing to lose. You have to realize, if you go with that abductor, odds are, you're going to be killed," says Wasyslyshyn.

She also managed to get a good look at her kidnapper.

Sheriff Wasyslyshyn says to try and look for details. He advises a victim to look at their abductor, get a license number and look something unique. That way it will be easier for them to follow up.

The woman's description helped Perrysburg Police create with a composite. The alleged attacker is described as a white man, in his early to mid 30s. He's about 5'8" with a husky build. (See the composite at the top of the page.)

Plus, the sheriff says if someone tries to get you into their car, do whatever you can to get away. That means screaming, making a scene and fighting dirty if you have to.

Wasyslyshyn says that the nature of this alleged attack shows danger can lurk anywhere at anytime.

Anyone with information is asked to call Perrysburg Police at 419-872-8001.