Warm German Potato Salad

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5 Medium size washed Potatoes
1 lbs.(16oz) Bacon
1 Onion
3 Medium size Dill Pickles
1 tsp. Sugar
To taste Salt & Pepper


  • Boil the potatoes. Let cool and dice into large bowl.
  • Cut up bacon in small pieces (1/2 ") and fry crispy brown. Leave in bacon drippings.
  • Dice onion and add to still low frying bacon and saut'e.
  • Add the diced pickles- salt & pepper and sugar and mix well. Add dill pickle juice (3/4 to 1 cup).
  • Poor over the warm diced potatoes and mix again.
  • Use all the bacon dripping's because mixed with the dill pickle juice and other ingredience makes a perfect harmony.
  • Always serve warm or at least room temperature.

It is a great leftover (if you have some) to heat up in the micro oven.

Guten Appetit from Marita (:

Posted by N Dutton