Toledo gang sweep nets big arrests

Report by Jonathan Walsh -

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTOL) - Toledo Police along with Lucas County, Ohio State Highway Patrol, and the ATFf hit the streets Thursday and Friday, to get guns and drugs off the streets and send a message to gang members.

Officer Bill Noon talks about an arrest at Broadway and Walbridge Friday night. As part of the sweep he and his partner stopped a car. He says a person inside lied about his age.

"It's dangerous for all of us. It's dangerous for me. It's dangerous for my partner," says Toledo Police Department Officer Bill Noon.

"I asked him to step out of the vehicle at which time he reached in his pants and I saw a weapon in his front right pant pocket at that time we just jumped into the car, took him into custody as he threw the weapon under the front seat."

It was a loaded handgun. A scary situation for everyone involved.

"He might have been just trying to throw the gun underneath the seat and he pulls the trigger and the person in the front seat gets shot."

About 35 officers made all kinds of arrests targeting problems areas where gangs are known to run. 61 arrests were made Thursday night, even more Friday night, trying to close the door on gangs.

"Certain communities are targeted more than others and they're upset about it. Part of this two-day effort is to show the gangs that the community and police are not going to tolerate this kind of activity," says gang unit commander, Lt. Brad Weis.

Police say a stop on Oakwood and Detroit nabbed crack and extasy.

Support from the air helped with a large group hanging out on Joffre, where officers checked ids, took pictures of gang tattoos and hauled away those wanted on various warrants.

It's all a part of what police say is essential in fighting the more than 20 major gangs who operate in Toledo.

"That's the object of the gang touch into the gang areas and take care of the gang problem, if there is any, and take the weapons off the street," says Officer Bill Noon.