Graffiti vandals hit Wildwood Metropark

Reported by Paula Johnson

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Authorities are interested in catching the Wildwood graffiti vandals who've been putting up traffic markings for the last several weeks over an area that spans about 6 miles.

Joggers at Wildwood Metropark are confused about the traffic markings telling them where to go -- and how fast.

"There's markings everywhere. Some say 55km per hour, 10 mph. They're at the end of each trail," said jogger Sarah Needmam.

Some of the markings look as if they might be official, but park employees say it's the work of a vandal, and one with loads of time.

"(The graffiti extends to) all the hard surfaces in the park, all the way from Corey Rd. to the University Parks Trail," said Scott Carpenter, Metroparks spokesman.

Officials say it's going to cost thousands of dollars to clean it up, and that's because the park bought a new sandblaster to wash away the markings.

Crews will be working until at least Wednesday to clean up the mess.

"We don't know if this person thinks he's doing a favor to the parks but he certainly is not. Had a lot of complaints," Carpenter said.

Cikty employees want park-goers to keep a eye out so this won't happen again or possibly give police a tip to help catch this vandal in the act.