Old West End residents in a lather over weeds

Rosemary Wyatt is tired of looking out her upstairs window to her backyard and seeing the mess that is next door, right in the middle of her Old West End neighborhood.

With trees taller than 12 ft. and weeds and vines that have grown so thick and so far that they've spread to surrounding houses -- well, you can imagine the consternation.

Wyatt often worries about arson, and she's concerned about what lurks within.

She's also tired of getting no response from the city.

"I complain every year. My neighbor complains every year. We're told we're on the list and we never get anything," she says.

Mika reported the problem to the city nuisance department. They were aware of it and boarded up the area on Thursday. They will also send out some crews next week to work on the property.