Friend of BP shooting suspect speaks out in his defense

TOLEDO (WTOL) - News 11 talked with a friend of 18-year-old Dymon Bolton on Thursday. The man says there are a lot of questions about how Bolton got thrown into the mix when he's not even seen on the surveillance tape.

The man speaking out wants to remain anonymous, saying he fears retribution from authorities.

"I would like to have some answers as to why are you charging somebody with a charge like that when the evidence points to something else," the man said. He questions the police's statement that there was a getaway car when the surveillance tape shows one person robbing the store, one person pointing the gun and one person walking away from the store all by himself.

"They don't have no evidence of a getaway car. When it first happened you never talked about a getaway car," the man said.

But police say they have the people who did this horrible crime.

A source close the investigation tells News 11 the car used in the crime was parked very close to the store and out of camera range. Police say officers recognized 22-year-old Anthony Belton from the tape after citing him the night before for a different crime in front of his home on Ranch.

Police tell News 11 they did get a number of calls through CrimeStopper and can't stress enough how important those are in the cases they investigate.

The man who talked to us says he's been impacted by the allegations against Bolton.

He says he's "hurt and disappointed, but I know the truth is going to come out."