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Phone Interviews Techniques

  • Locate a place of calm and quiet where you can focus.
  • Dressing for success ---even with phone interviews this is a way to help you focus on the interview.
  • Have a glass of water or something to help clear your voice if needed.
  • Use the bathroom before the call.
  • Have a copy of your resume, cover letter and/or job application form.
  • Make a cheat sheet for answers to questions that they may ask.
  • Smile:  it does show over the phone.
  • Use a high quality phone. Land phones are sometimes the most reliable for this.
  • Use a note pad to take notes.
  • Standing during the interview or sitting straight at a table will help with speaking more clearly.
  • Possibly close your eyes while listening.
  • Be factual in your answers.
  • Try to avoid giving only yes/no answers.
  • Listen for words the are common for the company "buzz" words.   Use them in your response.
  • Be patient between finishing your answers to the questions and the interviewer asking another one.
  • If the interviewer seems to be distracted use such questions such as " Do you have any questions?"
  • Don't be afraid to ask detailed questions about the position so you can relate your skills to the job and this will give you opportunity to address why you are the better candidate.

Questions for the closing could be:

  • How do I compare with the other candidates?
  • What concerns do you have about me for this position?
  • What will be the next step of the possess?

Remember a good phone interview can last up to two hours.  So make sure you schedule nothing before or after so your not interrupted.

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