Help! 'People dump here'

Reported by Mika Highsmith -

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTOL) - Years ago it was prime water front property. Today land in the 600 block of Lotus, in south Toledo, is just a mess. Even though it runs along the Maumee River, you can't see the water.

One resident is turning to Problem Solver Mika Highsmith, hoping to get the area cleaned up.

"We used to be able to see the Maumee River and the boats go buy but."

Step outside Loretta Holts home on Lotus today and forget the river. All you see is land.

"A big old forest. It starts with weeds."

It leads to an operational railroad track owned by Norfolk Southern and then onto city property, with weeds as tall as trees.

"You can't even see the water they obstruct the view...I've called the city, the railroad. All of the neighbors have, we've been complaining, but nothings been done.

Holt says the view only gets worse. All she finds is stuff she'd rather not see.

"People dump here, everything from to garbage to dead animals to stolen cars."

The most shocking discovery happened three years ago when a body was recovered.

"We pay high taxes over here."

They want the open view they pay for. And more importantly, to feel safe.

Mika contacted the Norfolk Southern Office out of Dearborn. They have reported the problem to the track supervisor and say they will send someone to clean things up.

The city is also on the case and will send an inspector out to investigate.