Toledo Jeep may go to 4-day work week

Reported by Rob Wiercinski -

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTOL) - Chrysler says it will begin talks soon with the United Auto Workers about moving some plants to a four-day work week of 10-hour days.

They plan to talk with leaders at three plants in Toledo and nine other U.S. factories that are not on overtime.

The change would let Chrysler shut parts of the plants for three full days, bringing a significant savings.

Chrysler spokesman Ed Seigns told reporters at a gathering of Auto Company executives that Chrysler wants to talk to the UAW at 15 plants about working four 10-hour shifts. Those plants include the two Toledo jeep facilities and Toledo Machining in Perrysburg Township.

Jeep unit chairman Dan Henneman says Chrysler needs to stop talking to the media about work schedules and communicate with the union. He says his unit at the Toledo Jeep plants is not open to four 10-hour days.

Jeep workers at Toledo North Assembly Plant are scheduled to return to work from a 7 week shutdown on Aug. 25. Wrangler workers at Supplier Park were off the job for a week in early July.