Council vs. mayor in Fostoria

Mayor John Davoli (City Council President Joe Droll is pictured in the video above right)
Mayor John Davoli (City Council President Joe Droll is pictured in the video above right)
Report by Dick Berry - email
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FOSTORIA (WTOL) - A political power struggle is shaping up at Fostoria City Hall.

City Council President Joe Droll wants to switch from a 'strong mayor' to a 'city manage' form of government.

"John is an excellent politician. His heart is in the right place," Droll says.

"John" is second-term Fostoria Mayor John Davoli.

Droll thinks a city manager would run Fostoria like a company. The mayor's role would be strictly ceremonial -- not administrative. "When you're talking a multi-million dollar business, I believe it would be better suited to have somebody that's strictly running it as a business and takes the politics out of it," Droll says.

Case in point: Davoli's recent unexplained firing of Safety Service Director Bill Rains. Davoli's replacement for Rains didn't get council backing.

"We have gone through two safety directors in the term of this mayor. Every time you do that, there is a learning curve for the person coming in," Droll says.

Critics of Mayor Davoli, who some refer to as 'Carty light,' say it's time for a change. "Well, because he has gone awry ever since getting re-elected. The main thing is letting Bill Rains go."

But we found most folks approve of Davoli. "I like the man. I think he's doing a good job," says one resident.

Another says, "The mayor is from the city of Fostoria. So he has the background of the people."

A last person we asked says, "He's alright as far as I'm concerned."

What does Mayor Davoli think about what appears to be efforts to oust him from office? He was out of the office today and told News 11's Dick Berry by phone that he was too busy to talk.