$10 million worth of marijuana found in Ohio

Posted by Nick Dutton -

NEW LEXIGTON, Ohio (WTOL) - This morning they've got a multi-million dollar mystery on their hands in central Ohio. Law enforcement officers found something very unusual in New Lexington down in Perry County.

Investigators uncovered more than $9 million worth of pot growing in the rural countryside. While flying over the area, investigators stumbled on the crime scene. Video shows dozens of marijuana plants growing in between the trees.

Officials say it is one of the biggest drug busts in Ohio in decades and could be a sign international drug cartels are moving in.

"A trend that is currently ongoing out on the west coast and it seems to be moving in our direction is that the Mexican organizations are actually coming here and establishing these plots, large plots," says Ben Cassucio of the bureau of criminal investigation.

Investigators still haven't been able to find the people who were growing and selling the pot. But they believe they have taken a big chunk of the drug off of Ohio streets.

The Associated Press contributed this report.