UPDATE: Pothole fix and good news for old railroad track

Reported by Mika Highsmith -
Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTOL) - They needed help and WTOL came to the rescue. Now both problems are solved. Here's proof that when we take action we get results.

"This is a pothole. It was a small pothole."

But check out what it looked like when Clifford Russell showed it two us out front of his store two weeks ago.

"We've pulled like nine cars out of there."

It's was huge, deep and traveling from the street through a tree. And all the way to the sidewalk. Russell said he reported the problem to the city and didn't understand why it hasn't been fixed for almost four months.

So he turned to WTOL and check it out today.

"They did a beautiful job. I appreciate them doing it the way they did. It's a blessing to me."

The city came out and patched up the hole. They put the wood border back together and the tree is standing straight.

"You all made it happen. Two days later they were out here putting it together...Carty couldn't have made it happen that fast."

Sara Goodman called the Problem Solvers after living in a house on Sherbrooke for two years. It's in good shape, but check out what its up against.

Weeds flourish up and down this old CSC railroad track. A growing problem residents say they've been fighting for years.

"I'm really surprised that haven't cut it down, yet they haven't done it once."

That is until now. City crews cleaned up both sides, so things are looking pretty good.

"There's nothing back there so it's much cleaner much better."

And with plans of a bike trail in the works, the future looks even better.

"Thanks you for your help because they cleaned up back there finally."

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