Toledo pole dancing class a new fitness trend

Reported by Jennifer Boresz - bio | email

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTOL) - More and more people are getting tired of traditional exercise and are looking for something new. Now pole dancing, a unique fitness trend, is becoming popular in our area.

Whether advanced or a beginner, Paulette of Paulette's Studio of Dance says she can teach her students to improve their strength and flexibility by simply using a pole.

"The first experience they have is holding their body weight. They're gonna hop up and hold," says Paulette.

She says students in her pole dancing fitness class quickly learn that's not as easy as you may think.

"Kind of like a kid in a playground. You jump in, you hold on, you point those toes back, take it down slow, and you're burning those core muscles and arms all the way down."

Students range in age and fitness level, but they each say when you start, you immediately feel the burn.

"I noticed at the first class that I couldn't hop and hold on the pole , umm at all, and I can do that now, and I can hold my own body weight, and I can do a lot of the moves," says student Christina Reisinger who has taken classes for 6 months.

Moves can incorporate many different techniques.

"You get gymnastics, almost a bit of vaulting, you get all sorts of dance and it's a really good regular work out, even with stretching and strength," says student Hanna Kutcher. She's been taking the class for a year and a half.

And they say, this beats more traditional workouts.

"I decided to take it because I like to work out. But I'm trying to find something that is right for me, because running and jogging isn't good for everybody and this is more my speed," says beginner student Jackie Moore.

That's why they plan to keep taking it, even practicing after class.

"I loved it so much that I bought a pole for my house."

Which lets her keep dancing for as long as she wants.