Many hope to cash in on new Ohio Lottery game

Jeff Liedigk.
Jeff Liedigk.
Michael Kleisegir.
Michael Kleisegir.
Cris D'Andrea of Fricker's Restaurant.
Cris D'Andrea of Fricker's Restaurant.
Reported by Dick Berry - email

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

WOOD COUNTY, Ohio (WTOL) - The new game is called Keno and all about picking the right numbers. Players, businesses and the state of Ohio are hoping to cash in on the Ohio Lottery's newest game.

"The money. Absolutely. That appeals to me."

Jeff Liedigkis the first to belly up to the bar at Frickers in Perrysburg to play Keno. He's dropped forty bucks on two games.

"44 is my lucky birthday. Sixty is my lucky number."

And Keno is all about numbers. Winning are based on how many correct numbers a player gets out of twenty numbers picked. A one dollar ticket has the potential to turn into $300,000. New numbers are drawn every four minutes.

"I got the next twenty minutes covered. So after that, we'll see. Might run out of money. Hopefully, I'll win," says player Michael Kleisegir.

Frickers hopes to be a big winner two. The Ohio Lottery Commission placed Keno games in 750 bars, restaurants and liquor stores.

Frickers has one in each of it's fifteen restaurants.

The chain hopes to bring in more customers and get a leg up on the competition.

But will gambling be bad for a restaurant that prides itself on being family oriented?

"Well, we certainly hope not. We have game rooms in all our stores for kids. Provide free tokens for kids to play some of our games. This summer, kids eat for free. Hopefully, we'll still appeal to families and people with kids," says Cris D'Andrea of Ficker's Restaurant.

Meanwhile, Jeff Liedigk has hit the jackpot.

Those two games Jeff shelled out forty dollars on paid out $220.

"I think I'm done for the day. Get some gas. Get some food. That's it for me," says Liedigk.

And not bad for a beginner. And there are three Keno monitors here at Frickers. Ohio is counting on $292 million in annual revenue from Keno. About a fourth of that will be placed in the state budget.