Mayor's office responds to News 11

Today, channel 11 presented a story about the Mayor's vehicle, Scout inside.

Mayor Finkbeiner's was legally parked. The Toledo Police Department provides this Mayor, and every Mayor with a parking pass that allows them to park where they wish. It was clearly visible in the left corner of the vehicle's windshield.

Scout was in the car, with the air conditioning on, as recommended by many dog lover's and the Toledo Humane Society. He was cool and safe. Scout travels in air conditioned comfort with the Mayor all summer long.

Between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. The Mayor had five public events to attend including two events at the Erie Street Market. With each appointment he had to be in and out in a hurry.

In closing, the Mayor was legally parked with hid pass displayed and Scout was comfortable in the air conditioned vehicle, while the Mayor was able to attend to hid events.

- Elizabeth Phillips, Mayor Finkbeiner's spokesperson