EcoTrack 11: Local company makes ecofriendly cleaning easy

SporiCLEAN CEO Nick Martello.
SporiCLEAN CEO Nick Martello.
Reported by Meteorologist Chris Vickers - bio | email

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTOL) - Have you ever considered all the harmful chemical cleaners you have in your house? It's time to think about some green alternatives that have an ecofriendly goal.

Making a switch to an ecofriendly household cleaner is becoming a popular trend, and now its an even easier choice. One such product, sporiclean has its roots right here in northern Ohio. It's a plant based enzyme cleaner that breaks apart and degrades mold, bacteria and viruses without chemicals.

"It's an all natural product that will not harm people, pets, or plants, or our waterways, any fish or aquatic life," says SporiCLEAN CEO Nick Martello.

It was just used extensively to clean up homes after the record flooding in Iowa, and can be used here by those swamped with similar situations.

"Your back-ups that you have here that went for the full length of the basement, the SporiCLEAN positively will remediate all of that," says Martello.

Here's the proof on how well it works. First, the surface is swabed and tested to determine how much mold and bacteria are present.

"We have a 9,583 composite load level. That's a highly contaminated surface."

The surface is then treated with Sporiclean, gently scrubbed and rinsed. Moments later it's tested again. It's now essentially spotless! but this is just the start of the new green way to clean.

Instead of many harmful household cleaners, how about one green solution. This is an everday cleaner and can be used for so much more

"It's used on you counter tops, it's used in your kitchen, dining room, living room, carpets, in the bathroom and the reason is we have a variety of enzymes," Martello says.

And enzymes are natures way of cleaning so shelve those hazadous chemicals, and look for a natural green solution.

For more information or to order SporiCLEAN, click here or call 877-703-3330.