Dog impales himself on fence, officer to the rescue

5-year-old Kilo.
5-year-old Kilo.
Officer Tom Gentner.
Officer Tom Gentner.

Reported by Christy Hutchings - bio | email

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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Looking at 5-year-old Kilo today you would have no idea that he almost died two days ago.

Morgan Williams, Kilo's owner said she got a call from her boyfriend. "Around 5:15 I got a call that you need to come home immediately," she said. "I was like what's wrong? What's going on?  He's like the dog is stuck on the fence."

Kilo had impaled himself on the wrought iron post on their back porch.

Williams immediately hung up the phone and started running home. While she was trying to get to Kilo, calls were starting to come in to police. People walking by heard Kilo yelping and thought he was suffering.

Williams was expecting to find the worst when she arrived and she wasn't the only one. Officer Tom Gentner with Savannah-Chatham police was expecting the same thing. He was sent to Williams' house to put Kilo down, but when he arrived and looked up the stairwell into Kilo's eyes, that plan quickly changed.

"I didn't want to look at him when I first pulled up. I went to the trunk got the shotgun out," said Gentner. "I took the first look up and the dog was smiling and breathing."

That's all it took for Gentner to know he couldn't put this dog down. "I put the shotgun away and got the trauma bag out of my trunk, formulated a plan to remove the dog with the help of the dog's owners and my partner Cpl. WT Brown.  We extracted the dog off the fence and took him into the homeowner's dining room and started working on him there."

Taking Kilo off that post was risky and many wouldn't have even attempted it, but fortunately Officer Gentner has more training in first aid than most officers and carries his trauma bag with him on every call.

They bandaged Kilo and wrapped him gauze, treated him for shock and sent him to the vet. Kilo stayed overnight and was right back home with his owner the next day.

"He's a lucky little guy. He could have been dead but he has a guardian angel," said Williams.

For Williams, that guardian angel just happened to be Officer Gentner. "I gave him a huge bear hug. I was just like thank you so much for having a heart," said Williams.

"It felt good, after the day I had, that was pretty good," said Gentner.

Kilo is running around and playing already. He has another vet appointment next week but is doing fine.

Williams' vet told her that Kilo escaped major internal damage by just a half inch.

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