Weigh In To Win: Denise's workout frustrations

It's gotta be one of the most frustrating points in a weight loss routine. The time when the scale gets stuck- while you're still moving.

Denise started out strong, 3-months into her Weigh In To Win weight loss journey, but some of the numbers continue to weigh her down.

"My stomach feels better, my legs feel better, and my clothes fit better. Everything is better, I just want to see some different numbers on the scale," says Denise.

Her YMCA trainer Becky says Denise is experiencing a common problem.

"As you build muscle- which she already has- you're not going to see the change in the scale, because muscle weighs more than your fat."

The better gage, Becky says, is Denise's cardio vascular endurance.

"She told me at the beginning she wasn't going to run. She runs on the track and she runs on the treadmill and that's something that she never thought that she could do."

That's not all, either.

"I'm really learning that I have abdominal muscles and how to use them and that's been fun. And you can see them now," says Denise.

Something else is within view, too-  a tougher work-out routine.

Becky reports, "she's strong already. Light weights are good for her. We just do a lot of reps and keep her going."

Denise is down to a size 14, but she says that her biggest goal is to stay the course.  She's in it for the long haul, no matter what.

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