Ecotrack 11: Reducing ozone level important in keeping air clean

Ozone is a common summertime pollutant and its effects on your health and our environment remain a big concern.  Today's pollution in our cities and in your neighborhood is a byproduct of modern life, and you may have noticed, it can take a toll on how you feel.

Karen Granata, an Air Resources Chief says, "Ozone affects human health. We want the human health that affects us, and our families, and our communities to be protected."

And protection, prevention and even prediction is the key to keeping Toledo's air quality great.

"By being able to predict the days that the level of ozone is high, we can give recommendations to people to alter their behavior to minimize the exposure."

A good tip would be to exercise early in the morning, but car pooling, public transportation and energy conservation will all help to keep our air cleaner in the future.

"In general, any time people reduce their use of energy it is good for the environment. Pollution goes down if you save gasoline when you drive your car or use less electricity," says Granata.

And because Toledo is an excellent community with good partnerships between government, business, and the citizens we have a record to be proud of.

"Our ozone record is excellent."

In fact, we pass federal standards in all six categories. So breath easy, but continue to work towards a green living. For more ideas on how, check out our website and click on the ecotrack 11 page.