Sell your flood-prone home along the Blanchard

Report by Dick Berry - email

Posted by LS

FINDLAY and OTTAWA, OHIO (WTOL) - It's not the solution, but part of the solution to stop flooding along the Blanchard River in Findlay and Ottawa.

The state of Ohio is giving the NW Ohio Flood Mitigation partnership $3 million to buy up to 43 properties at pre-flood appraisal values. The homes and buildings would be demolished and the land cleared.

The solution will come in the form of recommendations from an Army Corps of Engineers study.

Tearing down buildings along the flood plain will show the Corps how serious local officials are in stopping the flooding.

"We don't want to be the hang up when the Corps says, 'We're ready to go.' Our purpose as a partnership is to expedite the process," says Tony Iriti with the NW Ohio Flood Mitigation Partnership.

One third of the properties are still occupied. Iriti says the goal is not to acquire every one -- just those that are reasonable and necessary.

At no point will eminent domain be used. "The idea is try to do it on a voluntary basis, not kicking people out of their homes. If they want to stay, there that's fine. The idea is to get as many of those people as we can," says Iriti.

In the end, it's to save as many residents as they can from another disastrous flood.

The partnership will receive the $3 million in September. But don't expect officials to immediately start knocking on doors. Iriti tells us the properties will need to be appraised and title searches completed.