UPDATED: Erie Street Market documents delivered to councilman

Reported by Rob Wiercinski -

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTOL) - Toledo City Council Member Mike Collins is calling the un-audited records on the Erie Street Market incomplete.

Collins requested financial records for the market and was given a one-page piece of paper. It shows the Erie Street Market made a $26,000 profit during the first half of the year. However, that doesn't include utilities and other overhead costs assumed by the City of Toledo.

Collins wanted the records to figure out if the city should continue to financially support the Erie Street Market.

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTOL) - Should the City of Toledo continue to financially support the Erie Street Market? That's a question being raised by a member of council, in light of tough economic times for the city.

Councilman Mike Collins has been asking for financial records related to market operations this year.

Financial information requested by Collins has been delivered, but he says it's incomplete and inadequate. He's raising concerns about the city keeping the market open while an operating deficit looms and tough decisions may have to be made this year. For him it's all about priorities.

Councilman Mike Collins says it shouldn't be a tough question to answer. Is the Erie Street Market making or losing money for the city this year.

"Now that we had 6 months of operation I want to see exactly what's going on financially at the Erie Street Market," says Collins.

While Collins is expressing frustration over what he calls a slow response from the Mayor's office, big changes are in the works at the market. The original Civic Center Auditorium is being converted into the Toledo Civic Theater, where concerts will be held and food vendors will operate. Tenants who were in that space are being moved into bay two, where the Erie Antique Mall will open later this week.

Councilman Mike Craig says considering the city's staring at a budget deficit, funding priorities need to be clearly outlined.

"With the last finance meeting they were saying we were probably 2 and a half million dollars in the red, well, that could start affecting our core services," says Craig.

With Collins and Craig asking if it's time to pull the public funding plug, Mayor Finkbeiner continues to defend city support for the market.

"I think it's rather amazing that we are so apparently at times absent of other news in the City of Toledo that we always have to come back to the Erie Street Market, I think the Erie Street Market is probably going to turn out to be quite an asset," says Mayor Finkbeiner.