Family of slain bicyclist fears gang retaliation

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - A Toledo family fears retaliation now that police say they've caught their loved one's killer.

David Babcock, 46, was killed last week while he was riding his bike to work.

Police won't go into detail as to what led to Thursday's early morning arrest on July 24. But we know the teen they arrested is charged with murder.

Police say he also has gang ties, which is keeping the Babcock family even more on edge.

Dounche Jones, 19, is the man police say killed 46-year-old David Babcock while he was riding his bike last week to work.

One of Babcock's relatives said, "Why somebody that young? And why would you do it?"

"See someone totally innocent lose his life for what? The most he had was a couple of bucks and a bike," says Toledo Police Captain Ray Carroll.

While riding down Western Avenue, police say Babcock was stopped by Jones. "I don't know if he tried to get the bike, or if he tried to get something else," says Captain Carroll, "Mr. Babcock put up a fight, and he was shot."

Babcock's relative tells us, "Knowing him, he went down fighting. That's why his last words were **** you."

Police say Jones took nothing, even leaving the bike at the scene. Then went into hiding.

They say he admitted to being a gang member in that area. Also, he may have not wanted anyone unfamiliar on his turf.

Babcock's relative says, "The question I have for everybody... what is a gang? What are you representing? All you're doing is causing trouble for the neighborhood. Why can't everyone live in peace.?

A week later, police picked up Jones on the same street. They say he was drinking underage. After questioning him, they arrested him for Babcock's murder.

Now the slain man's family members are keeping their identities hidden for protection. However, they do plan to show up to court and follow Jones' case through.

Babcock's family member tells us, "We want to make sure this person gets what they deserve. For somebody to do that, he knew what he was about to do."